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Organic production is the simple principle that our health is directly related to the food we eat, and consequently the health of the soil. Organic farmers produce strong, nutritious food from a healthy, well balanced soil. In their work they follow strict requirements, known as organic standards that determine what they can and can not do. The ultimate goal is conservation of the nature. The use of genetically modified organisms in organic production is prohibited. Prohibited are the fertilizers and pesticides. "Bio"and "eco" are words which are introduced in the Bulgarian law. Any food that bears the inscription "Bio"or "eco" by law must meet certain strict standards.


Caring for the Bulgarian land, caring for
Bulgarian customers!

To think for a moment ... .. and to choose.


1. With special attention and care to our children.

2. More delicious - Many people buy organic products simply because they are much more delicious.

3. More healthy.

4. Without harmful additives - Organic farmers do not use unnecessary chemicals. Food additives that are often associated with the occurrence of asthma and heart disease, are prohibited in organic agriculture.

5. Without pesticides.

6. No genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

7. Caring for animals - Organic standards require that animals be kept in natural conditions and fed with pure natural and organic food.

8. Caring for the Environment - Organic agriculture cares fir the nature and therefore in an organic farm has a much greater variety of birds, butterflies and plants.


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